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Simple False Ceilings Ideas for Halls

At Complete Homes a leading living room interior designer, we get it you want your interior simple yet elegant. That is why we decided to put together that would serve you some simple false ceilings for halls that are neat and clean and will give your living room a sophisticated look. Show these references to your false ceiling designers Lucknow so that you have your way while still incorporating their expert’s inputs.

1. Define the ceiling with neat and clean design- To begin you could try this extremely simple tray design. The edges are lower than the rest giving your ceiling a neat and clean finishing. It helps to define your ceiling while still keeping the focus on the room and its beautiful interiors.

2. Adorn with a classy fan and chandelier- If you want to embellish your simple tray false ceiling incorporates a chandelier (instead of lighting). We suggest you pick a style that fits your overall design.

3. Glam up your design- Want to still but more sophisticated? Have or your interior designer fix a high quality and polished wooden or plywood sheet to the base of the false ceiling for a decorative touch. You could also incorporate material like PVC, metal, or glass. This false ceiling has a wooden base, a fan placed in the center. Collectively this makes a gorgeous design.

4. Give Simples a Try- Now to experiment and yet keep simple, how about this false ceiling design where the center has a circular hollowed. Two tube lights tucked into opposite edges provide soft yet ample lighting.

POP False Ceiling Design

POP False Ceilings

Wooden False Ceiling Design

Wooden False Ceilings

Gypsum False Ceiling Design

Gypsum False Ceilings

ed Wooden False Ceiling Design

3d False Ceilings

PVC False Ceiling Design

PVC False Ceilings

Glass False Ceiling Design

Glass False Ceilings

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